Teeth Whitening for Kids in

Teeth can be safely whitened at virtually any age. At Midland Kid's Dentist, we provide professional whitening that can effectively and safely brighten your child’s smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. Millions of people, some of them as young as pre-teens, suffer from teeth that are discolored. Home remedies used for teeth whitening usually do not provide the desired results.

Teeth can be safely whitened at any age; however, the ideal age to begin whitening is considered by many to be about 14 years old because the permanent teeth are usually fully erupted by that age, and the younger teeth are, the more brilliantly they whiten.

At Midland Kid's Dentist, we are proud to offer KöR Whitening products. KöR Whitening can lighten teeth up to 16 shades or more. Although everyone is different, virtually all teeth will have stunning results through this process.

KöR is a strong whitening gel that is applied directly to the teeth using specially designed trays. These trays prevent saliva from interacting with the gel and causing the substance to break down too quickly. KöR does not use any lights or lasers; instead, it releases oxygen ions to naturally whiten the teeth. This leads to a more comfortable, effective and safe whitening experience.

Dr. Thomas Youngblood
Dr. Youngblood has been treating children’s smiles in our community for over 11 years.

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