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Midland Kid’s Dentist Blog

How to Conserve Toothpaste While Social Distancing

March 22, 2020

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Teen putting too much toothpaste on a toothbrush

Practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential for keeping you and your loved ones healthy. To keep your trips outside to a minimum, it’s important to conserve what you have at home, including your toothpaste! Unfortunately, children have a tendency to use far more toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash than they should. Your Midland kid’s dentist explains just how much they should be using so you can make the most out of your dental products.


Eating Right & Preventing Dental Emergencies During COVID-19

March 11, 2020

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Child covering mouth with his Midland emergency dentist

As you navigate how to keep your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing you need is a dental emergency! While many dental offices are doing their best to accommodate emergency situations, we should all be trying to prevent them from happening in the first place, now more than ever. One way you can protect your loved ones’ smiles is to avoid foods that can break teeth, dislodge fillings, or cause oral infections. Here are some snacking suggestions from your Midland emergency dentist to keep you and your family’s smiles happy and healthy.


What Parents Need to Know About Fluoride

February 12, 2020

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pediatric dentist in Midland pointing to fluoride on tablet

As a parent, you’ve no doubt at least heard of fluoride. Maybe you’ve even taken part in the great fluoride debate of our time. Is this mineral that occurs naturally in most water sources safe for your child? Does it really help keep cavities at bay? According to a pediatric dentist in Midland, fluoride is actually great for smiles that are still developing. Keep reading to learn everything that a parent should know about fluoride.


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

January 28, 2020

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Little girl at dentist’s office

February is about more than just Valentine’s Day cards and class parties—it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month! Since 1941, dental professionals and healthcare providers have used February as a chance to promote the benefits of great oral health in children all month long. It’s an excellent reminder to stop and appreciate your little one’s smile and teach them how to take care of it. Find out from your friendly children’s dentist in Midland what you can do this month to set your child up for the rest of 2020.


5 Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

January 21, 2020

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young girl at dentistYour child’s teeth are important for more than just a beautiful smile. They also allow them to develop the oral functions necessary for chewing and speaking. As a result, it’s essential their teeth stay strong and healthy. The biggest threat to their dental health is tooth decay. Although it’s preventable, 20% of children between the ages 5 to 11 have at least one untreated cavity. Traditionally, they are treated with metal fillings because they are durable and effective; however, they also come with certain disadvantages. Your pediatric dentist in Midland can save your child’s smile with a natural-looking solution. Tooth-colored fillings are the ideal alternative to give them a beautiful, healthy smile.


When Can You Expect Your Child’s Teeth to Erupt?

December 18, 2019

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little boy in the dental chair

Your baby’s smile is the most precious thing in the world to you. If you think they’re cute now, wait until their tiny little pearly whites start coming in. But when should you expect them to start erupting? A dentist in Midland is here with the answers.


5 Tips to Keep Your Child’s Mouth Healthy at Home

December 5, 2019

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mom and daughter brushing teeth together

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: nearly half of all children aged 6-11 and more than half of all children aged 12-19 in the U.S. have cavities. This epidemic can cost thousands of dollars to treat annually and is completely preventable. You just have to implement the correct habits at home. Luckily, your pediatric dentist in Midland is here with five tips to help you do just that.


4 Ways the Holiday Season Can Land Your Child an Appointment With Their Emergency Dentist

November 21, 2019

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child with their parents celebrating the holidays

The holiday season is well underway, which means that you and your family will have plenty of opportunities to eat your favorite seasonal sweets and savory treats. On top of that, your child will have ample time off school, which means their schedule and habits will change drastically. This holiday combination of changes can result in an unexpected dental emergency which can land your little one an appointment with their pediatric dentist in Midland. Here are four ways your little one could suffer from a dental dilemma during the holidays.


4 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

November 3, 2019

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children's dentist treatment room

Has your child’s first tooth erupted? Are you wondering whether it’s a better choice to take them to a pediatric dentist in Midland instead of a general dentist? As a parent, your main concern is that your little one is getting the best quality of dental care, and that they’re learning all the techniques they need to keep their smiles healthy as adults. Read on for four reasons taking them to a specially trained pediatric dentist can give you peace of mind that they’re getting the best care possible. ß


Your Dental Insurance Is About to Expire — Use It or Lose It!

October 15, 2019

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dental items and calendar

Your family is always busy, and you may be particularly so during the last few months of the year. You may be making plans for winter travels, preparing for get-togethers with your relatives, and shopping until you drop. In all the year-end chaos, it would be easy to forget to bring your child to their dentist in Midland for a checkup or recommended restorative treatment. However, you should not let your family’s oral health slip your mind! If you wait until 2020 to schedule your child’s appointment, you will have missed out on valuable insurance benefits. Let’s discuss how you can get the most out of this year’s policy.

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