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3 Tooth Fairy Myths from Around the World

February 5, 2024

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illustration of the tooth fairy

For centuries, the enchanting tale of the tooth fairy has captivated children worldwide, offering a whimsical explanation for the transition from baby teeth to adult ones. While in America, we envision the tooth fairy as a petite pink sprite, slipping beneath pillows to exchange teeth for coins, other cultures have woven their own unique narratives around this cherished myth. Keep reading to explore how various cultures around the world interpret and celebrate the folklore of the tooth fairy.

Spanish Cultures & Ratoncito Pérez

In Hispanic American and Spanish cultures, a beloved figure known as El Ratoncito Pérez, or Perez the Little Mouse, shares similarities with the tooth fairy. Much like the fairy, this endearing mouse ventures into children’s bedrooms at night, swapping lost teeth for small gifts or tokens.

Introduced into traditional folklore in 1894 by a Spanish writer and journalist crafting a tale for King Alfonso XIII, Perez holds a special place in cultural narratives. Depending on the country, different Spanish cultures may have distinct interpretations of this tale, with some referring to him as Perez and others simply as El Ratón de los Dientes, or The Tooth Mouse.

China Buries & Uplifts Baby Teeth

In China and Japan, the tradition surrounding lost baby teeth differs from that of Western cultures. Instead of receiving money or gifts, children in these countries follow a unique practice. When a tooth falls out from the lower jaw, it’s tossed onto the roof of the house, while those from the upper jaw are commonly buried. This custom aims to promote the growth of straight and aligned adult teeth.

Finland’s Tooth Trolls That Hate When Children Brush

In Finland, there’s a unique twist on the tooth fairy myth. Instead of a benevolent gift-giver, they believe in Hammaspeikko, or the “tooth troll.” This folklore serves as a cautionary tale, encouraging children to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid cavities. According to the story, the tooth troll is drawn to children who indulge in too much candy, delighting in drilling holes into their teeth.

However, diligent brushing can scare the tooth troll away, ensuring a cavity-free smile and peaceful nights. This tooth troll legend originates from a Norwegian children’s novel published in 1949 but has been adapted into Finnish folklore relatively recently.

No matter where you are in the world, these diverse folktales all share a common goal: promoting good oral hygiene and healthy smiles among children. While the characters and traditions may vary, the underlying message remains the same – the importance of taking care of our teeth for a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles!

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