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November 11, 2017

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a girl preparing for her pediatric dental care

Maybe your parents encouraged you to tie a string to the door that’s connected to your loose tooth to pull it out. Or maybe even worse, your older brother tried to convince you to tie your loose tooth to the back of his bike for a “quick and easy” way to pull out your tooth. We really hope you didn’t take their advice, but if you did—you know that’s not the best way to lose baby teeth in Midland!

In fact, you need to know that pulling your child’s teeth when they’re loose could damage the foundation for their adult teeth. As tempting as it is to pull out your child’s wiggly tooth, your dentist wants you to consider taking a more natural approach.

Why Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Just because your child has a loose tooth, doesn’t mean that their new adult teeth are impatiently waiting to poke through their gums. There are many reasons why a baby tooth may appear to be loose.

If your child has a loose tooth, it’s best to make an appointment with your pediatric dentist in Midland. This way, you can get to the real reason why your child’s tooth is loose. It could be trauma, infection, or damage to the permanent tooth beneath the gum line. Only your dental team will be able to discover the true reason through a dental x-ray and examination.

The Natural Way to Lose Teeth

Children typically lose their teeth in the same order that they come in. From ages 4 to 7, your child’s lower bottom teeth are likely to fall out first.

When permanent teeth begin to come in, the roots of baby teeth will naturally dissolve until the tooth falls out painlessly. When the tooth roots dissolve, children can lose their teeth without much bleeding or pain which is a win-win for parents and the child.

If you attempt to pull out their loose tooth, it may tug on its sensitive roots and cause your child unnecessary pain and bleeding. Rather than ruining a cherished childhood memory of their first lost tooth let nature take its course for a much more pleasant experience.

Encourage Your Child to Cherish Their Teeth

Even if your child likes the idea of abrasively pulling out their tooth, it’s best to encourage them to wait for their tooth to gradually get looser and looser until it comes out.  If you ever have any concerns or questions about how your child’s teeth are developing, don’t hesitate to call your dentist.

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