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What Can I Do to Protect My Child’s Teeth During Flu Season?

January 4, 2022

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Trying to keep your children from getting sick becomes more difficult than usual during cold-and-flu season when winter rolls around. Understandably, when they are sick it can distract you from things you might normally be on top of, such as making sure they brush their teeth.

The average child will get 6-8 colds per year with most of them coming during the winter. After all, children are more prone to disease, as they constantly touch everything and chew on more than they should.

Imagine needing to take them to the dentist for a cavity while they were sick. No adult wants to endure that, either. Keep reading for some tips on kids’ oral care during cold-and-flu season from your children’s dentist in Midland.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Staying hydrated is always important, but even more than usual during sickness. If your child has a stuffy nose, they are probably breathing primarily through their mouth, which causes dry mouth. Without enough saliva being produced to combat bacteria, drinking water frequently will help.

Change Their Toothbrush

Bacteria can remain on a child’s toothbrush even after they have recovered from an illness. While they may have developed an immunity to their disease, other members of the household have not. If your child is particular about which toothbrush they use and you can’t get to the store that day, you can boil their toothbrush in hot water to kill the germs. Also, while they are sick, be sure to keep their toothbrush away from those of other family members.

Gargle with Saltwater

If your child is old enough to know how to gargle, have them gargle with saltwater. If they’ve never gargled, maybe have them practice with regular water to get the hang of it. The saltwater kills germs in their throat and mouth, plus it helps them heal faster. Especially if they already have a sore throat due to illness, have them gargle with saltwater once per day.

Make Sure Their Teeth Get Brushed

Even though this came up in the introduction, here it is sneaking in toward the end. If your child does get sick, instead of forcing them to go to the bathroom, you can bring them a cup to spit in and a cup of water to rinse with in addition to their brush. Even on sick days, make sure they are brushing twice.

Your child’s mouth is full of bacteria, but steps can be taken to minimize those bacteria through proper oral care and help them recover from illness sooner. It’s no fun having a cavity or being sick, so you want to do your best to help them avoid the combination of the two.

About the Practice

At Midland Kid’s Dentist, we understand that taking care of the most precious smiles requires a special kind of knowledge and a gentle touch. You want your child to feel comfortable and safe at the dentist’s office, but you also need to be sure they are getting the treatment they need. Our dentists understand this balance perfectly, and this is why they’ve been able to help thousands of children achieve and maintain a strong, healthy smile as they grow. We recognize how important it is for your child to continue taking care of their teeth even when they aren’t feeling well. Once they recover from that pesky cold, we can check on their teeth via a dental cleaning and exam, which you can schedule on our website or by calling (432) 520-5437.

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