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Teething Baby? Here’s Advice for Helping Them Sleep

May 12, 2021

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teething baby

Before having kids, you “knew” there would be challenges, but honestly, nothing prepared you for the difficulties of teething. All of a sudden your baby is fussy all the time and won’t sleep, which makes them even more cranky! What can you do to give you both the rest you desperately need? Here are some simple tips to get you and your little one through the night.

Numb Their Gums with Cold

In the baby aisles at stores, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of teething toys available that are designed to make this phase more bearable for your little one. Put the teething toys in the freezer for a while before handing them to your baby. The cool temperature can reduce inflammation and swelling as well as calm your baby down for some much-needed sleep.

You may want to get a few different kinds to find the one your baby prefers, but if you give them the kind that contains liquid, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the toy to make sure there are no punctures or leaks. In addition to teething toys or rings, you can also freeze damp washcloths for a similar effect.

Massage Their Gums

Applying light pressure on their gums counteracts the pressure from their incoming baby teeth. As a result, this massaging action often provides them with some relief. Gently push against their gums as you try to settle them down for the night. Before putting a finger in their mouth, just make sure you wash your hands!

Maintain Your Normal Schedule

As much as possible, try to stick to your usual nighttime routine. If you typically give them a warm bath and read them a book or two, continue to do these things. Going through a regular routine helps soothe your baby by giving them something constant and reliable to focus on. If you don’t currently have a bedtime routine, consider creating one. It requires effort to start, but it trains your baby to know what to expect and can help fall asleep more easily.

Wipe Away Excess Drool

Although it may feel like a tedious or even pointless effort when your baby is drooling constantly, their drool can irritate their skin around the mouth, adding to their fussiness. Trying to keep their skin from chapping or developing a rash can help them stay as comfortable as possible and make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Using a burp rag, bib, blanket, or even their clothes, gently wipe drool from their face. Try to keep them dry and clean, which means that you may need to change their clothes often throughout the day. If, despite your best efforts, your baby gets a rash as a result of excessive drooling, you can apply petroleum jelly or Aquaphor to the site. This will not only help the area heal but also act as barrier to prevent a worse rash.

Teething can be a rough time for both you and your baby, but hang in there! Remember that this is just a temporary stage—even if it lasts for multiple weeks. These tips can make the journey easier to go through until your baby has a full set of beautiful baby teeth.

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