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5 Foods That Benefit & Protect Your Smile

May 11, 2022

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Brushing and flossing daily, along with getting routine dental checkups and cleanings, is important for a healthy smile. However, there are other ways for ensuring your dental condition stays in great shape, including maintaining a balanced diet. But what kinds of meals are best for your teeth and gums? Keep reading to learn about the foods that benefit your oral health in Midland!

#1: Dairy Products

Certain items like cheese, yogurt, and milk can help promote saliva production, which protects your teeth by washing away bacteria and debris. They also strengthen your pearly whites because they’re high in protein and calcium. Additionally, yogurt has probiotics—beneficial bacteria—that help improve the digestive system.

#2: Apples & Carrots

Crunchy foods like apples, carrots, and celery are beneficial due to their capacity for cleaning your teeth. Their texture can effectively scrub leftover food particles as well as bacteria off your smile. Apples and celery are also high in fiber and provide hydration for your body.

#3: Leafy Greens

Vegetables should be a major part of your diet, as they provide numerous health benefits while being low in calories. They offer vitamins, minerals, and calcium to help produce saliva to clean your teeth and maintain healthy enamel.

#4: Nuts & Lean Proteins

Eating meat, poultry, fish, and tofu can keep you and your teeth healthy with phosphorous and protein. You can also try munching on almonds and nuts, which also contain calcium without much sugar. Just be sure to rinse, brush, and floss your teeth afterward, as bits and pieces of them can get stuck between your teeth.

#5: Fluoride-Rich Foods

While you shouldn’t eat toothpaste, you can always enjoy foods with fluoride in them to protect your teeth from decay. Try eating seafood, carrots, beets, canned beans, canned tomato products, and cheese for a fluoride-rich diet. Drinking tap water is also essential for keeping your teeth clean and acid-resistant.

By adding these foods to your regular diet, you can expect your teeth and gums to be safer and stronger in the long run! You should also visit your dentist routinely so they can ensure your oral health stays in good condition.

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