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4 Helpful Tips for Making Losing Teeth Less Scary

May 2, 2023

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a child holding one of their baby teeth

For some children, losing their baby teeth can be a bit of a frightening experience; they might not fully understand what’s happening or why their pearly whites are falling out, but in any case, they’ve reached quite an important milestone! That said, if your child is beginning to lose their first set of teeth, you might be wondering if there are any ways you can make things a little less scary and more exciting for them. Here are some tips from your trusted pediatric dentist to help you navigate your child through this process.

Tip #1. Project a Positive Attitude

Your child will mimic your actions and demeanor all throughout their youth, meaning that if you remain calm, cool, and collected as they lose their teeth, it can signal to them that nothing is out of the ordinary. When you discuss tooth loss with them, display an upbeat and optimistic attitude—you can even give them credit for doing a great job!

Tip #2. Explain the Process

Children usually start losing teeth around 4 or 5 years of age, and it’s normal for them to begin asking questions as soon as they notice one of their pearly whites feels loose. You shouldn’t hesitate to explain things in terms they can understand; be sure to normalize the process for them and remind them that it’s simply a part of growing up and their adult teeth will be there before they know it. Be sure to also dispel any myths they might’ve heard about losing baby teeth being painful or permanent.

Tip #3. Ask For Help If You Need It

The majority of the time, a loose or lost baby tooth is hardly anything to worry about. However, if your child has suffered a displaced tooth due to physical trauma, such as a sports injury, it’s worth contacting their dentist to ensure that no other oral issues have resulted from the injury. If your child is suffering from great pain due to a loose or lost tooth, you should also contact their dentist; losing baby teeth is not meant to be painful, so be sure that your little one isn’t needlessly suffering!

Tip #4. Get the Tooth Fairy Involved!

The legend of the tooth fairy actually dates back to medieval Europe, and there have been many iterations and versions of this friendly myth throughout the years. Children all across the globe have been visited by the tooth fairy for generations, and the promise of a reward in exchange for a lost tooth placed under their pillow is quite enticing. If your child is worried or stressed about losing a tooth, consider getting the tooth fairy involved to instill confidence and put them at ease.

Losing a baby tooth should be viewed as an exciting experience; it means that your child is starting to mature and grow up! However, by knowing a little more about the process and finding ways to make it less stressful for your child, you can ensure that they feel good about things too.  

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