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4 Tips for Making Losing Teeth Less Scary for Your Little One

October 22, 2020

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Child laughing and pointing to missing tooth

As an adult, losing a tooth necessitates an emergency trip to the dentist. As a child, it is a right of passage that results in money underneath their pillow the next morning. However, some children experience fear surrounding the idea of losing their teeth. So, if your little one has expressed anxiety around their loose tooth, try using the below tips from a pediatric dentist in Midland to make the process less scary!

#1. Explain Things Fully

From classmates telling them it hurts to the fear that their teeth won’t come back, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to losing baby teeth. Fortunately, you can help ease their anxiety by being completely transparent about the process and answering all of their questions. Make sure to remind them that losing a tooth is a totally natural part of growing up and that their adult teeth will grow in shortly after!

#2. Use Their Favorite Characters to Normalize the Experience

From potty training and going to school to losing baby teeth, many concepts can be easily explained to your child through their favorite characters. So, if your little one is nervous about losing their first tooth, don’t hesitate to pick up a book or game that depicts a familiar face going through the same experience. It can help them be brave and model what is expected of them during the process.

#3. Play Up the Tooth Fairy

Although the idea of the tooth fairy dates back to medieval Europe, many children continue to anticipate a visit from the beloved creature. To ease your little one’s anxiety, buy a picture book, movie, or doll that shares the tale of the tooth fairy! That way, there is some magic and excitement surrounding their changing smile.

#4. Know When to Call for Help

A once loose tooth that eventually falls out is a natural occurrence that should be met with celebration. However, a knocked-out tooth from a sports-related accident necessitates an emergency visit to the dentist. To ensure your child’s oral health stays in tip-top shape, make sure they know the difference so they can alert you if a dental injury arises.

If the concept of losing a baby tooth is instilling some fear in your child, then try using the above tips to make the experience less scary. That way, they can enjoy the transformation of their smile!

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