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4 Helpful Tips for Making Losing Teeth Less Scary

May 2, 2023

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a child holding one of their baby teeth

For some children, losing their baby teeth can be a bit of a frightening experience; they might not fully understand what’s happening or why their pearly whites are falling out, but in any case, they’ve reached quite an important milestone! That said, if your child is beginning to lose their first set of teeth, you might be wondering if there are any ways you can make things a little less scary and more exciting for them. Here are some tips from your trusted pediatric dentist to help you navigate your child through this process.


You Asked, We Answered: Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

April 13, 2023

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baby smiling with two teeth

As a parent, you only want to provide the best care for your children, including their oral health. One common concern is childhood cavities. Detecting a cavity in your little one’s teeth can be worrisome, but it’s crucial to understand whether fillings are necessary and how to prevent cavities in the first place. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of addressing cavities in children and share effective preventive measures to maintain a healthy smile for years to come.


How to Get Kids Excited about Dental Hygiene

March 12, 2023

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portrait of a kid brushing their teeth

One of the most important parts of parenthood is helping your child form habits that will aid them through the rest of their life, and a great example of that is dental hygiene. Kids often struggle with brushing and flossing consistently, and even more so with doing those things properly.

If you’re trying to help your child smile bright for the rest of their lives, there are some things that you can do that can make them excited to care for themselves.


The Link Between Fruit Juice and Your Child’s Smile

February 23, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 7:58 am
a child smiling with a glass of juice in her hand

Fruit juice is a common drink for kids. Whether it’s apple, grape, or orange, these sweet beverages are popular and even provide some nutritional value for children. However, they can negatively affect their oral health. Your little one’s daily favorite juice may be dramatically increasing their risk of cavities. Read on to learn more about how juice affects your child’s teeth and what you can do to keep their grin healthy and happy.


Helpful Oral Hygiene Products for Your Child’s Growing Smile

February 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 6:14 pm
a child smiling while visiting their dentist

Your child’s smile is a source of pride and joy for both of you, meaning that you should make every effort to ensure that your little one’s pearly whites look and feel their absolute best. But this isn’t always easy, since children don’t always have the knowledge or means to maintain optimal oral health. Luckily, you can help! Here’s more from your pediatric dentist about why their oral health matters, along with some helpful oral hygiene products that are certain to simplify things.


3 Healthy Snacks for Cavity-Free Smiles

January 23, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 12:53 am

Children eating lunchTooth decay is the most chronic health condition for children, despite being preventable. In fact, cavities are more common than childhood asthma. Brushing and flossing can safeguard your little one’s smile, but is there more you could do to protect their teeth from decay? Yes! The foods and drinks your child consumes can harm or help their smile. Don’t let sugary or starchy snacks come back to haunt their oral health. Here are 3 healthy alternatives to make their teeth more resistant to decay.


How Is It Beneficial to Schedule a Dental Checkup Early in the Year?

January 4, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 11:36 pm
child at dental checkup

With the arrival of a new year, it’s an exciting time to consider what lies ahead. Try not to get so caught up in New Year’s resolutions that you forget to schedule a dental checkup for your child. A pediatric dentist in Midland has some points to share about why getting a cleaning and exam taken care of sooner rather than later is worth the effort.


3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Healthy Smiles All Year Long!

December 5, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 5:27 am
stockings full of smile-friendly gifts

It’s that magical time of the year—the holiday season! Family festivities, delicious meals, and exchanging gifts are part of the excitement for children. As you make your list of presents to buy for your little one, you can include some that will also benefit their pearly whites! Read on for three stocking stuffer ideas that are sure to bring healthy smiles all year long.


3 Ways to Utilize Your Child’s Dental Insurance to Benefit Their Smile

November 30, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 9:29 pm
Child and parent smiling at dentist during checkup

Having dental insurance is one thing. Utilizing it to the fullest is something else entirely. Luckily, maximizing your child’s benefits is nowhere near as complicated as many parents think it is. In fact, you can use their coverage in a way that helps your child’s smile (and your wallet!) with these three tips.


5 Thanksgiving-Specific Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

November 15, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — midlandkidsdentist @ 4:16 pm
Child smiling at Thanksgiving table with family

Your child’s teeth do more than complete their smile; they help them bite and speak too! So, as you can imagine, their little chompers are working overtime this holiday season. The good news is that you can give them a little extra TLC with these Thanksgiving-specific oral hygiene tips for kids!

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